A foreign born person who has not qualified as a citizen of the country; but an alien is a person within the meaning of the due process clause of the U.S. Constitution to the same extent as a citizen.


To change or modify for the better. To alter by modification, deletion, or addition.

Amendment of Trust

An addition which alters the original terms of a trust, the power to accomplish which may be reserved by the settlor in the original trust instrument.

A trust amendment may be made during the lifetime of the Creator of the Trust, except...


A person who has any present or future interest, in a trust, either vested or contingent.

Normally the original creators of a Trust are the first beneficiaries of a revocable trust. When the trust is drafted, the Creators will designate...


Progeny; offspring of parentage. An unborn or recently born human being. The term may include or apply to: adopted, after-born, or illegitimate children; step-children; or children by a second or former marriage; issue.

Community Property

Property owned in common by husband and wife each having an undivided one-half interest by reason of their marital status.

Community property is also generally defined as 'all earnings by either spouse after marriage.' Community property...


The term, Creator refers to the individual; who creates the Trust. The Creator is also known as the 'Testator' or 'Settlor.'


Those persons who are in the blood stream of the ancestor. The term means those descended from another, persons who proceed from a body of another such as a child or grandchild, to the remotest degree.


A person appointed by a testator to carry out the directions and requests in his will, and to dispose of the property according to his testamentary provisions after his decease.

The individual appointed to administer a trustee, as compared...