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Living Trusts

A Living Trust is a legal document which reflects your wishes and instructions for what you want to happen to your property after you pass away. In this respect, a Living Trust is just like a will. However unlike a will, a living trust avoids probate.

Revocable living trusts have become a popular alternative to the traditional will, especially since California‚Äôs probate system is among the most expensive in the nation. Many citizens are attracted by the possibility of quicker and easier asset transfers which avoid probate–a process which takes 18 months on average to complete and which can cost up to 25% of the value of your estate.

Benefits of a Living Trust:
– Avoids Probate
– Consolidates all assets under one plan
– Can reduce or eliminate estate taxes
– Ensures uninterrupted management of assets
– Allows for the selection of Guardians of minor children
– Allows for faster distribution of assets to beneficiaries
– Option to have assets remain in trust until beneficiaries reach the age(s) you specify
– Option to amend or restate the trust at any time during your lifetime
– It’s inexpensive when compared to the total cost of probate
– And most importantly, a living trust gives you peace of mind!